I hope your summer has been terrific :-)   I can hardly believe that it’s school time already, and time to start getting back into scouts, and SELLING POPCORN :-)   First, for some important contact info.  I will once again be the Popcorn Kernel for this year.  During the sale, if you need to contact me, my e-mail address is comchair@pack98.com (which I check regularly), and my cell number is 970-222-6625.  I do work full time so I’m not always available to answer phone calls during working hours, but please leave me a voice mail.  Also, feel free to text me at the same number.  If during the sale you need to pick up extra supplies or popcorn, our address is 1442 Lakeshore Drive in Ft. Collins, which is off Drake between Lemay and Timberline.

Now, for the details.

The official start of the sale is Saturday, September 15th. On this date, I will be picking up popcorn at the Wal-Mart Distribution Center in Loveland and bringing it to FUMC. Please mark this date on your calendar to come to FUMC to pick up popcorn. 

Although the official start of the sale isn’t until the September 15, on-line sales can start right away. If you haven’t done so in the past, you can go to the Trails End website and register your son to sell popcorn on-line.  All sales done on-line will count towards the total sales for your son and thus to any prizes he might earn. Note that the online product line is different and the prices are higher.

Important Dates:
- Saturday, September 15th – Popcorn sale starts – pick up popcorn at FUMC (10am-noon)
- Thursday, September 20th – popcorn will be available at the pack meeting to pick up if you missed the first pick up date, or you need more popcorn
- Saturday, October 13th – Popcorn sale ends
- Thursday, October 18th – The October Pack Meeting is the FINAL date that I can accept orders and unsold popcorn.
- Saturday, November 10th – Popcorn will be available to pick-up for the Take Orders

Similar to years past, if you choose to sell popcorn door-to-door, we will have a kit prepared of various popcorn items, the value of which will be $200.  (This form of selling is what is called Show & Sell – you will have the popcorn to “Show” the customer, which you can then “Sell” to them from your kit).  The kit (and in general what will be available from me) will not include chocolate or cheese items.  If your son sells the cheese items, I should have these available at my house however, I probably will not have chocolate items available since the chocolate items are not returnable at the end of the sale.  Customers who order chocolate items will have to wait until the November 10th date before those items will be ready (this is what is called a Take Order).  We are also planning on doing store front selling at various locations in Ft. Collins.  We have various places reserved however, we are still working on the details and logistics, so please keep an eye out for an update. We have multiple dates and times reserved however, we are still working on the details and logistics for reserving time slots, so please keep an eye out for an update.

There are a lot more details that I could share, and I’m sure there are a lot of questions. We have posted several documents on our website that provide much more detail on the popcorn sale including the product line, ideas on setting and achieving a sales goal with your son, and prizes for accomplishing that goal. Please check out those documents and let me know if you have any questions.

I know there are a lot more details that I’m sure I could share, and I’m sure there are a lot of questions.  First, to get us started and if you are interested, please sign your son up at the Trails End website to get some on-line sales.  There is a feature through the Trails End website to send prepared e-mails to family and friends to request sales.  You might also find that some of the products on-line are not available through our sale.  Second, if you yourself (or family members) would like to order any of the chocolate products, please let me know NO LATER than Friday, August 24th.  Our first order is due to the council by August 27th and I can include your special orders, and the popcorn will be available on September 15th.  Finally, please consider working with your son to set a sales goal.  I have included some attachments that show the prizes available, how to sell $600 in 7 days, and how to sell 25 items in 1 week.  Also, you can find the product line on page 13 of the 2012 Popcorn Guide.

Finally, please know how important the popcorn sale is to our pack, and to the Longs Peak Council in general.  For our pack, the popcorn sale provides about half the funds for our annual budget.  From our budget, we are able to provide fun activities and experiences for the scouts, including the pinewood derby, the blue & gold banquet, summer camp discounts, etc.  Popcorn income also helps the pack pay for all the patches and progress beads the scouts earn throughout the year.  Finally, popcorn income helps us pay for our annual charter, which ensures we remain an active pack and able to provide scouts with a fun and educational scouting experience.

Thank you for your time.  Good luck with this coming popcorn sale, and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Erin Ross
Pack 98 – Popcorn Kernel 
970-222-6625 (cell)

Popcorn Tools

Here is the Official Guide for Popcorn Sales from Longs Peak.
(PDF file download)

Here is a guide on How to Sell 25 Items in a Week!
(PDF file download)