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Welcome! And Thank You for your interest in helping out with Pack 98. Our Pack is the best in Fort Collins, because our Leaders are the best in Fort Collins.


The following information is focused on Den Leaders, but also applies to anyone interested in getting involved in Pack Leadership.


Fill out a BSA Adult Application. The Cubmaster or Committee Chair can provide this to you. The Pack covers adult leader registration fees, so no need to include payment.


Get trained!

  • Go to and Create an Account
  • We are Pack 98 in Long’s Peak Council (062)
  • You will need a Registration Number eventually, but you will get that later.
  • Take Youth Protection Training and provide proof of completing this to the Cubmaster or Committee Chair as soon as you take it. Provide a screen capture, scan or printout of your successful completion. You cannot work with the scouts until you complete this.
  • Take Fast Start Training. This is an overview of Scouting to get you started.
  • Take Leader Position-Specific Training for the rank you will be leading. This class is also available as a live class, usually in the Fall.
  • This is all that is required to earn your “Trained” patch and be considered a trained leader.


Purchase a Leader Uniform.

  • Go to the Loveland Scout Store (Located in the Outlets of Loveland)
  • Hours are online at the link above.
  • To purchase a Scout Uniform: You will need to know your Pack (98), your Den Number and your position (e.g. Cub Scout Den Leader). Neck wear is recommended, but optional for leaders. Some leaders wear a neckerchief and slide. Some leaders wear a bolo tie. Other leaders wear no neck wear.
  • Other BSA uniform items (e.g. BSA-branded hat, pants, belt, socks, etc) are optional and not a part of our official Pack uniform.
  • Purchase a Cub Scout Handbook for the rank you will be leading.
  • Look over the other resource materials at the store. A couple are described below. Many of these are also available online.


There are many, many other things that you can do to become a more effective Leader. Following is an extensive list of information that is available. It may seem a little overwhelming. Any of the Pack Leaders can sit down with you to discuss any of this and to share what they have learned as leaders.


  • Look over our Pack website: It includes the Pack Calendar and a lot of other helpful information. The Pack 98 Brochure (linked from the bottom of any page of our website) is a good high level overview of our Pack. And it is useful for getting new recruits.
  • You will be added to the Pack e-mail list and the Pack Leaders e-mail list. You will get regular updates from both of these lists.
  • The Pack Committee runs the business/planning side of the Pack. It consists of the Den Leaders and other leaders who run Pack events. These monthly meetings (first Tuesday of the month at 7 PM at FUMC) are highly recommended and the best way to get involved in Pack planning.
  • The Committee Chair and is responsible for running the Committee.
  • The Cubmaster is responsible for most Pack-level events with the scouts.
  • The official BSA “Getting Started” resource for new leaders is here: Click on the applicable “So You’re a New Cub Scout Den Leader” link.
  • The Den & Pack Meeting Resource Guide provides sample Den Meeting plans that you can use for the entire year. You can purchase it at the Scout store, purchase it online or download individual lesson plans here:
  • The Long’s Peak Council covers much of Northeast Colorado, Southeast Wyoming and Southwest Nebraska. Look over the Long’s Peak Council website: They provide local training for leaders as well as Camps and other activities at Camp Nicol near Red Feather Lakes.
  • There are 9 Districts which make up Long’s Peak Council. We are in Cache La Poudre (CLP) District which covers the Fort Collins area. The District also provides some local training. A link to the CLP District website is on the Longs Peak website (see above).
  • Roundtable is a monthly meeting led by Cache La Poudre District where Cub Scout and Boy Scout Leaders get together to discuss ideas. Unfortunately, it is on Thursdays, so it conflicts with most of our Den/Pack meetings. It is the 2nd Thursday of every month from 7:30pm-8:30pm at Harmony Presbyterian Church, 400 E. Boardwalk.
  • There are a ton of unofficial resources for Den Leaders on the web.  Popular sites include and and These will give you great ideas on activities to do with your Den.
  • Beginning in the summer of 2015, Pack 98 began using ScoutBook to track scout advancements and awards.  Please contact the Committee Chair for your leader login credentials.


There is a lot of additional training available.

  • The official BSA National Training website is here:
  • Training offered by the Council is located here:
  • Training offered by the District is available here:
  • Courses available from the Council or District that are helpful (or required for specific activities) include:
    • Outdoor Leader Skills for Webelos Leaders (OWL) This is required to lead a Den Camping event.
    • Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation (BALOO). This is required to lead a Pack Camping event.
    • Leave No Trace. Good overview on how a Scout is expected to act in the outdoors.
    • Wood Badge. This is the ultimate Scout Leader training. It is an extensive leadership training course.
    • There is much additional online training available at Course include:
      • This Is Scouting (another good introduction to Scouting)
      • Physical Wellness
      • Safe Swim Defense
      • Safety Afloat
      • Weather Hazards


There are Leader Awards for Leaders who complete training and other requirements.

  • Leaders who complete the requirements earn a leader “knot.” This is a patch that they can wear on their uniform. Information on the many leader knots  can be found here:

Den Leader Training Award

Scouter’s Training Award


The best resources are the other Pack 98 leaders who have already been through what you are starting. Please contact any of them. And you are always welcome to contact our Cubmaster ( or our Committee Chair (



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